University Of Cincinnati

Towards the end of last year I helped the University of Cincinnati architect their undergraduate admissions site using Day Software’s revolutionary CMS product CQ 5.2.

The idea was to create templates and components for the admissions site in such a way that they could be easily extended and re-purposed for use with all the other numerous sites that currently live under the university’s domain. The project lasted about a month, and I not only provided the client with the architecture, templates and components that they needed to achieve this well thought out goal, I also helped to train the main U.C. web development team to use the product so that they could continue to work in the future with less support.

I’ve recently updated my own portfolio to include the U.C. undergraduate admissions site…you can see it by following the link below: of Cincinnati/

Cheers to Donna, T.J. and all the rest of you guys on the ongoing success of your implementation of the CQ system…it was truly a pleasure working with you!

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